Tuesday, December 8, 2015

We survived the road to Hana

highlights of the drive {So happy Jeremy is a great driver!}
This is considered the world's most beautiful drive. 
Along this beautiful scenic drive is where you find waterfalls,
freshwater pools, bamboo and rain forest, hiking trails, and 
endless lush tropical scenery. 

The road twists and turns the entire 3 hours.
Constant beauty around every curve.
These pictures don't do justice.

Twin Falls

stopped at a fruit stand along the way 
for fresh coconut. They thought they would love
the coconut milk, but after one drink they were done.

Waiokilo Falls
{{freezing cold water}}

Koki Beach

Bolly weaving baskets & hats using coconut leaves.
When we told him that we were from Arkansas, he yelled 
GO Razorbacks!

Haleakala National Park
Andrew loves this place!
He loves climbing on the rocks, swimming 
in the water falls & if he had a life vest, he
would have been jumping off cliffs.

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach
We almost missed this & I am so happy we didn't!
This is the most beautiful place in the world!!
The sand is actually small, smooth, lava pebbles.
You can't tell from the pictures but the water is blue.
The black sand and crystal clear blue water is gorgeous!


Aloha for now!
We were greeted with a lei when we arrived to the island.
The locals told us if you throw your lei into the ocean before leaving then you are destined to return. 


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