Friday, December 28, 2012

I am dreaming of a White Christmas

Jeremy, the kids and I spent Christmas Eve at home for the first time ever, it worked out that we had no Christmas party to attend that day. Our day consisted of valuable family time, we finished up some last minute Christmas shopping, attended candle light service & Jeremy cooked a delicious fest. It was wonderful!

After dinner we baked cowboy cookies and tracked Santa. It’s tradition for the kids to sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve, surprisingly they fell asleep fast in Adrianna’s room.

sneaking some of Santa's milk

Christmas morning was magical!! I stood in my living room staring at the beautiful Christmas tree lit with lights and my beautiful family, wishing I could freeze time. It was one of those moments where you have to remind yourself that it’s real and you’re not dreaming.

Santa sent the kids on a treasure hunt for the last
gift and Adrianna LOVED that! Her and Andrew were
 running all around the house finding clues.

AND it snowed on Christmas day - my first white Christmas. In fact this was the first Christmas snow for Arkansas in
more than 80 years! 

Isn't it beautiful! We set the alarm clock for 6 AM and headed striaght to the BIG hill by Jeremy's office. We wanted to get there before anyone else.  There were a few groups already  there but we pretty much had it all to ourselves. We stayed all day and LOVED every minute! 

Adrianna built a ramp so we could catch air. Andrew was real brave, he was sledding down the hill backwards and head first. At one point, he stood on his sled! Jeremy was so proud of his kids!

Happy Face

Papa and Meme Wells came and stayed a few nights
with us since they were out of electricity.
The kids & I have colored pictures, watched movies,
 played with Andrew's new batman cave, played just dance, and the list goes on... needless to say my house looks like a tornado hit. #BestChristmasEver

Monday, December 24, 2012

’tis the season to be

jolly… fa la la la la…!

This time of year is always SO much fun, {busy too} we've been trying to squeeze in everything literally in two weeks since we don't celebrate until after Andrew's birthday.  Buddy our elf showed up and has been a little mischievous this year. Although he is not always naughty, he has been reading the Bible and highlighting scriptures for us to read.

There have been lots of festive activities going on around
here - baking yummy treats, attending parties, decorating, and our favorite cuddling on the couch while watching Christmas movies together.



Andrew has the cutest pre-school EVER! love this place.
He had his cute little Christmas concert and was adorable singing his Christmas songs. Afterward there were snacks and Santa was there too. It was so stinking cute.

love this time of year...

Stealing kisses from my baby boy

Wherever you’ll be spending the season, I
hope it’s Merry & Bright.

Cross your fingers our Arkansas Christmas is white!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

birthday trip

Andrew only requested one thing for his birthday... he wanted to go swimming so instead of getting him lots of toys, we stayed in the new lodge at Mt. Magazine.

We hiked to Signal Hill - I can't believe my little Andrew did it all by himself. He asked me to carry him a few times but I kept telling him how exciting it will be to tell everyone that he hiked to the highest point in Arkansas at 5 yrs old! He held strong & did it! Jeremy and Adrianna pretty much ran to the top.

However, he did talk his sister into giving him a piggy-back ride on the way back down!

After the hike, we ate subway sandwiches & spent
the rest of the night at the pool. Great family fun!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012



 Mr. Andrew has been waiting forrrr-everrrrr to turn five. Asking us daily how much longer until his birthday.
when it finally
came - he was the happiest little boy!

His birthday started with his favorite breakfast + he was the class leader + he took angry bird snacks & yoohoos for everyone + he rode his wagon in the Christmas parade 

His party was small and simple this
 year...because I wanted it to be extra
special with just us. I even baked his cake {with my mom's help} Can you believe
I had never baked either of my children a birthday cake? Normally, I leave that to
the professionals but homemade cakes 
may be a new tradition in my house.

No more crossing fingers from his hand
to tell me how old he is... 

Happy Birthday to my baby
this boy is so imaginative & hilarious, he always has us laughing. Andrew is crazy, fun,
hyper and gives the best hugs!

Some of his favorites:

~ football

~ wrestling with his buddies

~ playing angry birds

~ hunting with his daddy

To top off his birthday, St. John Catholic School's Float won Grand Prize at the parade.
{This picture doesn't do it justice}

One of my favorites!

Only in Russellville, Arkansas... LOVE IT!
Santa & Mrs. Claus

Andrew's birthday was perfect!
five amazing years with him in our family, and in those five years—much happiness.