Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kindergarten Rodeo

Andrew's first BIG project was to make a stick horse.
His teacher only had one rule - it could not be store bought. Its funny how the moms end up doing all the work for these types of projects but I am not going to lie,
 I LOVE it!

Only wish I was craftier… I can envision it all in my head how I want it to look, the fabrics I want to use, etc. but need someone else to actually make it happen. So I went to hobby lobby to purchase all the materials that we would need and called my mother.

I love that my mom is always there when I need her!
We spent an entire day working on “Bullseye” he has many imperfections but Andrew cherishes him and that is all that matters! 

  Once you have a stick horse then you
 must have a rodeo!

Andrew made a grand entry as Mrs. Barton told us Bullseye's favorite thing to do was run and kick and he loved to eat germX. I was too busy laughing to get a picture! Then they all lined up to say the pledge of allegiance and sing cowboy songs.

They did a little bull riding

Afterwards we met up at the park to roast hot dogs, make s'mores, sing campfire songs and take a hayride.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

BETA Club Induction Ceremony

Jeremy & I are very proud - Not sure how we ended
up with such an Amazing daughter!


Adrianna bought her first pair of heels
for the ceremony...It took a little practice at first
but she totally rocked them!!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

the boys of fall...

It's that time of year again... FOOTBALL Season   

Quite possibly my favorite time of year. 

I love fall and everything that comes with it!

Our boys are AWESOME and play with heart -

so fun to watch. Plus we have the best cheerleaders!

It's hard to believe this is Adrianna's last year as

Junior High Cheerleader.

Thursday Night Football. My girl cheering at the
first home game.

9th grade cheerleaders

First Pep Rally

My girl is a flyer!