Friday, June 5, 2015

Our Diamond Miss State 2015

My Adrianna has been participating in pageants about 
18 months now, and her heart strings are attached to the sport. She decided to weed-out cheer and tumbling so she could focus completely on pageants.

The past few months, she has been counting down the days until state. Spending her weekends at pageant practice & her afternoons in the driveway mastering her walk. When the BIG day arrived, we were both excited and nervous because this was the biggest pageant she has ever entered.  

 Day one, started with a private interview with judges no adults allowed. {Which can be very challenging as the parents!!} The girls get one minute and 90 seconds to make the judges love them! 

Immediately after interview, the Casual Wear started.
She had to race back, change outfits, touch up make-up and hair and get back in line. Casual Wear is my favorite, I love the different outfits! 

Talent started right away Casual Wear. This is optional
 {which means less time to get changed and back in line!}
 but gives you more points. Adrianna's talent is the flute, she performed J.S. Bach's Minuet. All those years of flute lessons that her daddy forced her to take are finally paying off!

Day One was exhausting! We went to dinner with family and back to the hotel. We hung out with the ODM girls and cousins for a while at the pool then it was up to the room to practice, practice, practice...

Day 2, she had to be dressed and ready to model her party dress at 8 AM. Crowning immediately followed. I was up at five rolling her hair, loading the truck and eating breakfast. 

Our goal was to bring home one of the three crowns, instead she brought home two! She was double crowned ODM State Modeling Queen & ODM Glamour Girl Queen! 

As I am writing this post I can't help but smile looking back at the memories from State... Lots of family & friends came to support her, Andrew being her biggest fan. We made new friends and my heart is so proud of this girl that my urge to smile can’t be hidden!

Andrew insisted on wearing the same outfit that he wore to her preliminary pageant because he thought it would bring her good luck! 

Jessica recruited and introduced Adrianna 
to the ODM Pageant System. She had to have the
 first hug & picture!

This boy surprised Adrianna by showing up at the pageant! He told her he had to work but was secretly planning with me the whole time. He drove three hours & the pageant started at 8 am in the morning.  Talk about boyfriend of the year!! 

2015 Arkansas State Queens