Thursday, February 21, 2013

snow day...

I received a phone call that school is cancelled today. My kids cheered and Andrew even did a happy dance! We had hoped for big snow, the magic kind but we only got ice.

I love snow days, I get to work from home in my pjs. The kids are curled up on the couch, watching lots of movies and playing video games. It is quite nice, minus the fact that Jeremy had to go to work. We love finding reasons to stay inside as a family and just being together.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mustache Dashe

I am so proud of these two - they didn't let the freeeeezing cold weather nor the brisk wind stop them from running.
They are devoted little runners and it makes me very HAPPY! 

They were pumped about the race, well I think Andrew was mostly excited to get a new mustache! I cooked them egg-in-a hole for breakfast, it was a great balance of carbs and protein to fuel them for the race.

Adrianna ran the 5K & Andrew ran the 1K
This may be the last race for little man for a while... a mile is just too much for him. I ended up carrying him most of the way. He was happy after it was was all over, I just don't want him to have a bad experience and hate running forever.

Adrianna & I are already counting down to our
next race this spring!


happy {HEART} day!

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with sugar, hugs,
kisses, and lots of love!

 I took these pictures a few weeks ago when my nephew spent the night. He thought I was crazy making him pose this way! I edited them in PicMonkey and added chocolate lips - they were PRESH! 

Valentine's Day is also the day I married Jeremy!
We celebrated our 14th Anniversary hanging out with the kids. He made a yummy dinner, we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie. It was a beautiful day!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Memory Interview

Adrianna’s english teacher assigned her the
cooliest project

She had to interview a senior citizen {relative, friend, or neighbor} to learn about his/her memories of the world before she was born. I LOVE that she was forced to communicate face to face because her preferred
method is texting. She chose to interview her Great Grandfather, Roy Tippit. He was born 1929 in
Casa, Arkansas.

He came over to our house for the interview and it
melted my heart seeing the two of them sitting on the
couch actually having a conversation. The requirement
was 20 questions. At first, Adrianna would ask a question, then quickly write the answer on her note card and move along. Toward the middle of the interview, I noticed she
 had slowed down, was more engaged in the conversation, and would ask follow up questions. She tried to record the interview but something went wrong… we were both bummed!

She learned that his happiest memory was when he was 7 years old... it was the first time he ever left Casa, Arkansas! His father had to go to town & let him come along.

He started working at 13 years old for Rock Island Railroad... he lied and said he was 16 years old.

He remembered all of his teachers. He went to school in a one room classroom with no electricity. All the teachers and students from every grade were all together. He said "it
was so quite you could hear a pin drop". His proudest moment was graduating high school!

 She learned so much about her Grandfather - he is prideful, patriotic, a hard worker, always on time, and he loves his family, church and friends. Adrianna was inspired to interview all her Great Grandparents. We are going to use her priceless information and make everyone blurb books for Christmas presents!