Sunday, July 21, 2013

Peach Pickin Paradise

I was craving family time and a road trip, so we combined the two
and headed to the peach orchard. We drove far into the country, it was simply beautiful.  It’s amazing, I have lived in Arkansas my whole life yet I haven’t seen it all. I am constantly exploring and finding new places.  

perfect opportunity for mini photo shoot
We picked nectarines, red havens, and bellaire peaches.  I can’t even describe how fresh, sun-warmed, and delicious they are. The best part - you are encouraged to pick and eat!  We left with full bellies, you can't get fresh fruit like that in a store. It was the first time my children tasted the true flavor. We came home with two buckets {20 lbs} I can't wait to make a peach cobbler and I am going to attempt to make peach and jalapeno pepper jam.  If it turns out then I will share the recipe.
 Hope you have a "peachy" day!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Gen Z Kids

Adrianna participated in the second annual Take Our Children To Work "Gen Z Kids" Workshop at HP.

The day was spent observing and learning about various roles within the Conway Customer Contact Center, as well as key aspects of HP’s business. She spent time as a “job shadow” with different employees across the site in addition to time with me. It was great to finally be able to introduce her
 to all my co-workers.

She had hands-on experience with HP products through interactive demonstrations, including HP TouchSmart with Windows 8 and HP servers. She even had the opportunity
 to install key components on a CPU and watch it boot-up.
I was told by a very credible source that she was a
natural, which made this momma proud!

 a snap shot of all the kids & parents

All us volunteers after a long, fun day!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

my birthday weekend...

It was perfect, I love that I can combine my birthday and Independence day! Jeremy grilled ribs {my favorite} and took us out on the boat to watch fireworks.
  Then we came home and did our own. I love fireworks, maybe more than my kids! I spent the rest of the weekend surrounded by amazing family.  

Getting older has never really bothered me, yet. I just hate how fast time is passing. I feel like months go by like weeks, weeks pass like minutes and it’s just not fair. I absolutely love the stage of life we are in. Life is remarkably beautiful.

thank you for all the birthday wishes via facebook, texts, emails, phone calls, mail, and more! i’m so grateful to have such caring, sweet people in my life. you all made a great day, even better. ♥


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gone fishing...

Sometimes it's good to be reminded of
what is truly important in life.

We loaded up the 4 runner, purchased some fish bait, and headed to the farm.
Nothing like driving to the country with the windows down and the music turned up.
There's something special about this place, we all seem more relaxed and a little happier.

this chick goes from city girl to country... She knows how to
hunt, ride on dirt roads, and bait her own hook!

He is so excited about his catch
Yes,  he is a little bit country too!

Doing handstands after breaking her fishing line