Monday, May 28, 2012

Memories Made @ the Farm

You may have noticed that over the years, I have mentioned our farm however I don’t post much about it.  When I created this BLOG I did so to have a virtual journal.  I wanted to capture my children, our life so when I am older and life slows down I can look back and relive it all.
 I do realize the farm is a big part of our life. Even though, I see it as hard work - my husband and children LOVE it. We mostly go on the weekends since it's an hour from our home. The kids are always eager to go. There is always work to do but like they say "work hard & play harder". We definitely  make time for fun!
This is the farm Jeremy grew up on... he has put a lot of blood, tears and sweat into it. It has been in his family for several generations. This is his heritage. I notice an instant change in him the minute we arrive. He is in his element - the one place he  can be himself.
I have decided to incorporate the farm more on my blog with the "Memories Made @ the Farm" series. It will be random and don't be alarmed at some of the craziness -- especially to those of you who have never worked/been on a farm!! We don't worry about fashion when we're at the farm either so expect my kids to have crazy hair and mismatched clothing! Another reason that I haven't blogged much about the farm. :)
  {{yes, I am a city girl that married a farmer!}}
I admit I am not the best country girl/farmer's wife but I try.

A few pictures of the farm

 The kids were helping me in my flower bed this weekend
{wish I had a picture when it was in full bloom} it's almost
done for the year. I love when the flowers are all bloomed
out...  but it's hard to see them go. It looks so bare. We
planted some wild flowers seeds that Adrianna got @ Lowes
hopefully they will grow.

Check out the fishing dock that Papa Homer built for us! He
is an amazing man and I honestly don't think there is
anything he can’t do. Andrew LOVES throwing rocks off the
end of it! We ended up fishing from the other side because it
was so hot! We caught lots of Brim... Of course Papa Homer
didn't do much fishing, he was too busy putting on
our worms and taking our fish off the hook!
Jeremy working in his garden, his dad and grandfather

wasn’t able to help this year so he’s done it all himself!  He
harvested a 5 gallon bucket full of broccoli and cauliflower
and lots of squash and zucchini just this weekend. I am So
Proud of him!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

school is out

It's offical, schools out for the summer!
Adrianna rocked her cowgirl boots the last day
of school - i love this girl!

The kids have BIG plans for the summer.
Adrianna used the left over clothes pins & scrapbook paper from her Birthday Party Here to create a Summer Bucket List.  She & Andrew came up with 22 ideas!
 {hope we can squeeze it all in!}
 Some of the favorites are listed below:

*Catch Lighting Bugs

* Lots of Tubing

* Homemade Ice Cream

* Star Gazing
* Water Balloon Fight

*Go to Lake Ouachita

* Smores

* Road Trip

* Learn to Play Frisbee Golf

*Night Fishing

The fun has already started - we set up the slip n slide
 last night! the kids were seriously cracking me up with their moves!

What are your plans for the summer?
i would love to know


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Band Concert

PJHS closed out the school year with a spring
 band concert. The intermediate band performed three
songs - Lion’s Pride, The Dragon’s Lair & Barbara Ann.
They were Outstanding!!


all smiles for mom



They all entered the solo - ensemble competition & brought home gold metals, placed supreme {highest score possible} The ones with arrows were part of Adrianna's group

These children are ALL extremely
talented & I am proud of them!

Friday, May 18, 2012


It’s day 5 of no sugar or diet cokes!
I have to confess it’s been hard – especially in the afternoons.
That’s the time, I normally walk to the vending machine for my diet coke & hit the candy jar. To overcome the urge, I have been preoccupying my mind by cranking up Pandora & chewing gum {full of artificial sweeteners}

I never realized how much artificial sweeteners I was consuming until now… it’s everywhere, my coffee creamer, gum and drinks. I will gradually cut it all out but I have to
start small – baby steps. I CAN DO THIS!

 It definitely helps that all my co-workers {on my row} are on health kicks. We share blogs, helpful tips, recipes and support one another. It's funny, as I was typing this, my manager walks to my desk and hands me a red solo cup full of cheese and caramel Garretts popcorn - REALLY!

Life is full of temptations & I am learning that I must have Will Power and Determination to succeed.
My favorite quote is “You are stronger than you think”.
 So simple yet true.
Created via PicMonkey

My AWESOME trainer, Robin Dayer inspires me A LOT too! She sent me the below quote today - it was exactly what I needed.  Check out her blog here

"You will NEVER get this time back. Work hard and eat right. This is the hardest work you will ever do that you will NEVER NEVER regret". 


Monday, May 14, 2012

It's time for change...

If you know me, you know... I love sugar. LOVE. IT.
Love it so much {eat too much of it}
Seriously, I am addicted!

But I am giving it up today...

 & giving up diet cokes as well, cold turkey.
Well, that is the plan anyways...
I started drinking diet rather than "real" cokes a year ago.
which helped me lose weight, but I keep thinking
 all the carbonation, caffeine and artificial
sweeteners can't be good for me.

Hopefully, eliminating sugar & diet sodas from my
diet will help me get past this weight-loss plateau.
If not, atleast my dentist will be happy!!

If you see me...remind me or ask me how I am doing. I am just going to apologize in advance if I am grouchy.
Sugar brings out the best in almost everything about me {except my waistline!}.

So, here goes craziness...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Toad Suck Daze 5K

We had a “toadally” fantastic day in
beautiful downtown Conway!

Remember Here i made a new year's
resolution to run a 5K - i did it!!

Adrianna ran with me & i am SO proud of her.

We woke up this morning at 5 am got ready, ate breakfast so we would have some energy, and then we had to be at the track at 7 am (That's early)

Jeremy & Andrew are troopers they came with us.
my step-mother, Pam even got up super early to
cheer us on {cute signs and all!} - she is AWESOME! 
she waited on side of the road, to cheer as we ran past then she got in her SUV and drove ahead of us to
 cheer us on again!

Adrianna finished @ 32:28.33  & me @ 32:32.35

After the race, we went to Toad Suck Daze 
Andrew LOVED it!

Posing with the Toad Suck Queens

 Before heading back home, we relased
Andrew's toad "Big Foot"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May!

To kick off this lovely spring day, i want to share with
 you some of my favorites from Pinterest

Pink flowers - they would be beautiful
in my flower bed


I LOVE this!

A girl can dream - right?

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!