Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Jeremy is a simple guy who doesn't like a lot of attention especially on his birthday. Big parties are not his thing.
So to celebrate his 35th birthday, the kids & I filled the house with 35 balloons. Each had a note with our favorite memory or a reason we love him!

He read the notes aloud and guessed who wrote them. Andrew wrote I love hunting with you at least 
three times. Also, he wrote I love playing football together, I love watching movies together and you are my best friend!

Adrianna wrote lots of notes but here are my two favorites. I love you when you're in a good mood and I love when you make coffee because it isn't full of grounds like moms. 
I love that honesty!  

Jeremy is an amazing dad and husband. We are blessed beyond measure to have him. He is our Rock!
We love and adore him and look forward to many more birthdays together.