Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheers to 2015

 There are so many things in life we simply can't control. So my hope for this New Year is to focus on the things that I can. To be more accepting and to be less judgmental. To take more chances and to worry less about failures. To embrace the differences in others, instead of being afraid of them. To focus on the ones I hold dear and sometimes even the ones I don't hold quite as close. To remember that the small things are often the most important things, in the grand scheme of things. To give more, to love more, to be more. So here's to 2015 my friends... Let's do this!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

We hope you had a very special Christmas celebrating with the ones you love the most! Ours was just as I had hoped - filled with both favorite family traditions as well as new ones!
It's one of those times you wish you could somehow hold on to. Make time stand still a little longer. I love watching Christmas through my children's eyes. It's even better than when I was a child. Nothing else beats it! With the exception of Christmas morning: the giggles, flying wrapping paper, and the accompanied jumping up and down. That's kind of amazing too!

Hope your Christmas was Merry & Bright.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Instagram Pics


    LOVE this time of year!
    Enjoying our Christmas tree, decorating, 
    baking cookies & watching Christmas movies.

So proud of my beautiful daughter. 
Crowned first place in Miss Snowflake

Christmas Band Concert

Went downtown Hot Springs to look 
at Christmas lights and see Santa

I hosted a Christmas party at our house. We ate yummy food, played games, Grandma Pam read the Christmas Story from the Bible, we sang Christmas songs, and then we all went to Candle Light Service.

Andrew told Buddy good-bye until next year.
We all hate to see him go back to the North Pole.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holly Jolly Christmas Birthday

My baby is Seven! 
While I don't like him growing up - I do love the little man he is becoming. He is kind, creative, intelligent, and thoughtful. He’s constantly coloring us pictures or saying kind words to show his love for each of us. He has stole all our hearts especially his sisters. He is a pretty "Swaggah" kid!

 It's a little hard having a birthday in December.
 Christmas festivities are in full swing and life is Busy with a capital B. Andrew is blessed with these two best friends... They always make time for him!

Jingles the elf made an appearance at the party as well.
Adrianna is the best big sister ever!

They decorated ninja gingerbread cookies

No party of Andrew's is complete without 
playing his favorite game - HedBanz