Sunday, February 22, 2015

State, Here We Come

Glimpse of Our Diamond Miss. 
Adrianna competed in her first preliminary pageant in 
December and won talent, most beautiful and first runner up.
In order to advance to state, you must win.

We were blessed to meet Nancy at the preliminary pageant.
In my opinion, she is the best pageant coach in Arkansas.
She immediately seen something in "Red" and invited her to attend 
pageant boot camp and the rest is history. It's amazing how much she has 
improved in a short time, you would think she has been doing this all her life! 

 Adrianna competed in her second preliminary Valentine's Day weekend
 and won talent, most beautiful, and was crowned Miss Queen of Hearts. 
 We will be spending the next few months getting ready for state! 

There are 3 choices in life - giving up, 
giving in or giving it all you've got.
We choice the latter!