Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Not sure how much more of this Arkansas weather I can handle… I am trying to talk Jeremy into moving somewhere cold but he's not obliging - maybe one day.

Until then - we have been finding ways to stay cool.

Our favorite so far - water balloon fights!

coconut snowcones, watermelon sprites & homemade
orange crush ice cream helps too!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day 2012.

We cherish our daddy. He works so hard and takes such good care of us. I love all the little things he does –he truly loves his babies & it melts my heart. Sweetest daddy ever.
we are so lucky.

I stayed home with Andrew on Wednesday & he helped me make this "man bucket" for his daddy - he is a GREAT helper, the only problem is he's not patient. He could not wait until Father's Day...  Jeremy got his gift the minute
he walked through the door!

Adrianna & Papa George doing what they love
best - playing Concentration! I am blessed that my children have special men in thier lives, and were able to celebrate their goodness this past weekend.


Thursday, June 14, 2012


my mother, sister & i decided it was time
for a Girls Night Out!

We packed up the 4-runner Saturday morning and headed to Branson MO. The drive was half the fun - i laughed so hard!

 We shopped at Branson Landing and had dinner HERE. Dinner was, hmmm – let say, a little entertaining!

After dinner, we lounged @ the pool 
Around 11 p.m. my sister was ready for some excitement... she talked me into going on the sky coaster with her. They harnessed us up & pulled us up 100 feet in the air. Once they said "3-2-1 FLY!!" I had to yank the ripcord to start our 70-mph swingng adventure.

It was so scary - keep in mind I am terrified of heights & it was pitch dark but I would totally do it again!!
These crazy girls plus a road trip - maybe one of my favorite combinations!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's blackberry picking time!

I want my kids to have those memories. You know the ones where you wander through the woods, basket in hand searching for berries to pick. A few minor wounds from thorny bushes and fingers stained with berry juice - Those memories!

So after church we went to the farm and picked
blackberries - my dad, step-mother and Heather joined us. the kids LOVED every minute of it! It’s been hot and dry so the pickings were very slim but we managed to pick enough for a cobbler.

I even posted the family recipe below... I can't give you the crust recipe tho, I was sworn to secrecy!

Blackberry Cobbler:

Need two pie crust

4 cups of berries

1 stick butter

1 ½ cups sugar {more/less to taste}


Cook berries in pot with water {just covering}
Add butter and sugar
Bring to boil


Slice one pie crust into strips – Add strips to boiling mixture
Boil about 3 minutes then pour into 9 X 13 pan

Lay second crust on top and sprinkle with sugar
Polk holes in crust
Add butter slices

Cook 350 until brown and bubbly
{cook on cookie sheet in case it boils over}
Enjoy with Yarnell's vanilla ice cream

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My two loves are LOVING summer time!
They are already checking things off their bucket list
enjoying time with grandparents, attending day camps, cheerleading practices and spending a lot of time on Lake Dardanelle fishing with their daddy. 

Adrianna is leaving for cheer camp in a few days.
 She is super excited! Not sure if her little bro can make it 3 days without her tho.

I really need to buy her some new luggage - found these adorable chevron bags Here  {too bad they are out of stock}

I Love this VINTAGE Purple Plum
TOTE Bag - it's more her style! Here

 guess we'll have to plan a shopping trip!