Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy October

i love my home.
i love weekends when hibernation seems to be the theme, keeping us in the walls of our home. where all we see is each other, and the closest thing to date night is the worn pair of yoga pants that fit me just so and whose black has been washed now to a soft dark gray. i live in these pants at home, wearing them out a bit more as i run around the house between children or activities.
but, what makes those weekends even better is when they are balanced with the ever chaotic see-saw of life… the one that throws us out there some weekends, attending pageants, football games and visiting family and storing all the good we get from them to hold us over during hibernation.
and then we go on–see-sawing through the weekends that follow…sometimes in, sometimes out, sometimes with Jeremy, sometimes without, while he is away at the farm.
it’s literally sweeter now that it’s packed full of Halloween treats and the anticipation of one of our favorite holidays…

I made twenty of these chalkboard Jack O'Laterns for 
Andrew's class party. These were so easy, just 
find some spray chalkboard paint & baby pumpkins. 

Our church hosted a carnival trunk-or-treat again this year.
I recycled the theme from last year to save money - plus it's
 super adorable! I did add a few new things & chose a 
different game. Pumpkin bowling was too much work!

Afterwards, Jeremy & I took the kids traditional 
treat-or-treating. They ran into some shady characters!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween