Sunday, October 28, 2012


hard to believe our last football game is Thursday night...
our boys are undefeated and playing awesome!
Fear the Spear... APACHE SWAG

 Love that they are wearing their pink
to support breast cancer awareness month


Our cheerleaders have been pretty amazing this year too.
they keep us fans entertained and fired up!


Pep Rally - the girls taught the 9th grade
football players a dance. Don't they look cute?!?!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Festival 1K

Andrew ran his first 1K today and I am so proud!
He has been looking forward to this for weeks &
seriously is my little runner in the family!

after the race, I told Andrew we would go where ever he wanted for breakfast - he chose chick-fil-a  
I was entertained the entire time! LOL

Love my babies!!


Halloween Party

the church had the best halloween party ever
games, haunted house, candy and friends.
i loved all of the creative costumes and andrew's giggles from seeing his friends all dressed up!

This boy has a gazillion friends, all with the same
amount of energy as him

These 3 are trouble!

 my cute lil hulk - he loves this mohawk
if only he could talk his daddy into letting him have this hairstyle! wink wink

He HAD to have his picture taken with the creepy clown - he knows I am terrified of them!

♥  Mario Bros

Tonight we are carving pumpkins and watching scary
movies... I love HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Fall Y'all

This is my FAVORITE time of year!
the weather is finally getting a little cooler and the colors... they are a'changing.

The only problem with fall - it goes by too quickly.
Andrew didn't have school today so I worked from home.
It wasn't much fun for him because he had to be quite and tiptoe around the house.  By lunch time I could tell he had been good long enough and was ready to get outside and play. So, I treated him with a trip to the park.
oh how i wish I could spend every lunch break playing with him at the park!!


  notice all the stickers on his hands?
I gave him one every time he was good - by the end of the day, he was covered in them!

 ♥  all the beautiful colors

He could spend hours throwing
 leaves in the wind. it really is the small things in life.

Happy Friday!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Canstruction Challenge

I participated in the canstruction challenge at work - it's 
such a fun and creative way to fight hunger.
Canstruction is building sculptures out of
canned goods.  Each team collects items
to build their sculpture. At the end of the event,
 all of the proceeds are donated to local food banks.
This is a fun challenge you can do at work,
school or church!

Here are some of my favorites:

We collected 7,459 items for local charities in a
little over a week - AMAZING!


Sunday, October 7, 2012


A wonderful quaint little community with a picturesque view of the city across the bay. I fell in love with this place.
If I ever get the opportunity to live here... I would not pass it up. However, I would need to make a lot of money because it's a very expensive place to live. The people here are friendly and laid back. None of the local
businesses open until 11ish. {yes, the sign said "ish"} I could live with that!

silhouette of the city
The week we visited was very foggy. I was a little
bummed but according to the locals, it stays foggy most of the time.

I walked a lot - snapping random pictures, trying
to capture all it's beauty!

The fog rolling into the city

Golden Gate Bridge
It was quite a hike to get here, under the bridge. I should have rented a bike like everyone else but I am too clumsy to ride a bike down those hills!  This was the highlight of the trip for me - seeing this beautiful landmark.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Muir Woods

Beautiful and exceeded our expectations.

We were emerged in the land of tall/huge trees, which my
husband- the forestor enjoyed. He was in his element. In fact, he could have spent days hiking through these woods.

Like larger than life trees, our epic California trip continues... however I have to finish editing pictures first.