Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beta Nationals, Richmond VA {in pictures}

First day of Junior Beta Convention...
Pottsville is very proud of these Apaches!


Getting nervous - about to have Kyle's speech
and their Kick it with Kyle skit.
Holocaust Museum

Hanging out in the garden of the
Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube
Thomas Jefferson Building


Too bad Adrianna couldn't go inside
and have me some money made!

Iwo Jima Memorial
 You knew there would be some
stunting involved with these girls...

Brady & Anna in front of the
Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument
Jeremy and I love to travel and keep life in a constant flux of adventure. We have wanderlust. we are gypsy at heart.
So happy my daughter is the same way.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Destin Florida

I won my first trip as inside sales rep - keep buying
Hewlett-Packard AMD servers and Microsoft!
Microsoft definitely spoiled us, everything was amazing.

Our resort
 Andrew loved the bunk beds & I think
Adrianna secretly did too!
Our View
I could wake up to the turquoise
water and white sand every day.
Most nights we slept with our balcony door
open so we could hear the waves

Our happy place

My little surfer dude

We would wake up before sunrise so we could be the first ones on the beach. Our days consisted of Starbucks coffee, swimming in the ocean, playing football on the beach & searching for seashells. Afterwards, we went to the pool and played. We ordered pizza & ice cream poolside. Nap and repeat…

She could totally be a beach bum.
Adrianna is the only person I know that always has perfect hair - even at the beach!

My favorite man kept the 
Miami Vice drinks coming!

We were out on the beach with flashlights crab hunting and all of a sudden fireworks starting going off... The resort next to us had a firework show... talk about perfect timing!

Harbor Docks restaurant has amazing seafood & great atmosphere right on the bay. Andrew loved watching the boats. No seafood for him, he ate McDonalds
happy meals everyday.

I LOVE these two babies!
They love to travel and never complain. They kept us entertained the whole drive. They only slept 2 hours home and were awake the rest of the time. When they woke up Jeremy and I were rocking out to 90s music... at first they wanted us to change it but then they started enjoying it! 
I hope these are the memories they carry in their hearts forever!

Love you Destin - hope to see you again!