Sunday, June 23, 2013

Brother's Day

Andrew established Brother’s Day and insisted it be celebrated the
weekend following Father’s Day. He could not understand why this holiday
didn’t already exist. He felt it was needed since we had a Mother's & Father's Day.
Don't you love how the baby in the family is always so spoiled - He is pretty 
precious though, he created Sister's Day for Adrianna!

I woke up early Sunday morning and cooked him all his favorites.
Then, after church I told him it was his special day so we would
do whatever he wanted... 
His first request was Hog Wild...
This place is so fun, he loves all the arcade games! He is addicted to
Deal or No Deal. He kept choosing the red head and her suitcase was filled
with the most tickets every time! Adrianna was hitting jackpot on the wheel of fortune game. She had to get the worker twice because it ran out of tickets.  

Next, he requested his favorite spot... Pile High Desset for some frozen yogurt.
Atleast I was able to capture one smile!

We ended Brother's Day with a spaghetti dinner at home and a movie.
He pulled the classic, "Can I just fall asleep in your bed until daddy gets home?"
I couldn't say no to that!  He snuggled up and told me he had the best day ever
and was already counting down until the next Brother's Day!!



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Instagram pics


Sending Adrianna off to Hot Springs for Cheer Camp


Freshman girls!

Starting the first day of camp off with a prayer

They are bringing the 90's back with these shoes

Andrew ♥'s our new splash pad

Adrianna has me hooked on this... I've spent way too much time
watching episodes trying to get caught up.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Staying Motivated...

To be honest, I have been in a real funk lately
and can’t seem to get motivated to exercise... yes, I still show up to my boot camp classes but only because my friends drag me and I am not giving my 100%. 

I am hoping these pinterest inspirations help...

Also, some very competitive friends & I decided to have a competition since we all have fitness goals to meet. We each put ten dollars in a pot and whoever loses the most inches at the end of July wins. It’s not a lot of money - we mostly want bragging rights. The only rule we have set is we have to influence each other to exercise and eat healthy constantly.

I am crossing my fingers, this friendly rivalry will push me to work harder in the gym.

Exercising is never ending - how do you stay motivated?