Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nautical Style Birthday Party

Adrianna celebrated her fifteenth birthday nautical style.
We had the party at Paint with Lane's 
Adrianna & her friends are creative, fun and talented.
They are all about style and trends so this was the perfect party. They were in their element & you will be surprised what you learn painting with a group of teens. I am 
up-to-date on all the latest gossip!

Adrianna is the perfect party planner, she did all the party decorations. I love how she spray painted the ends of the forks with glittery gold paint. They looked very elegant.

She even painted her canvas
 to match the party & asked me to take a
 picture before we started cutting cake!

She and I designed the cake, the gold wasn't exactly the color we wanted but it was delicious - red velvet and chocolate! 
I purchased the topper from Etsy


We found these chevron pink favor bags at my favorite store, Target. Adrianna HAD to add some gold details! We filled them with gum, mints wrapped in gold paper and lip gloss.

beautiful birthday girl ♥


The finished masterpieces! So fun to see everyone's different style and artistic flair on the same project piece.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easter Gratitude

Andrew loved dying & decorating Easter eggs with his grandpa George and big sister.
I found this awesome Alien Easter egg kit @ Target
and I love how they turned out. Andrew didn't want anyone to eat them. He just wanted to play with them.

He lives! I know this with every fiber of my soul. Today I am filled with an overwhelming gratitude for my beloved Savior Jesus Christ, and what He did for me. For you. For each of us. Everything that means anything to me is because of him. How blessed we are to know of his simple, yet profound life, spent entirely in our service. His mission, to set an example for us to follow. I am infinitely grateful for His atoning sacrifice. I am grateful for His victory over death, that I may have eternal life. I am grateful for his gospel... His good news! That God our Father, lives and loves us. That he has a plan by which we can be made perfect and live with Him, and those we love, again someday. Through his beloved son, Jesus Christ, we will rise again and inherit all that He has to share. Most of all, I am grateful for His unfailing, perfect love, which sustains me in all things. I pray that I might be an instrument in His hands. A voice of reason. A force for good. Oh how very, very grateful I am.