Friday, September 21, 2012

The Best Kind Of Fitness Goal

I was honored to be featured on Robin Dayer's Fitness Blog
I am happy to share that I have lot 27lbs and gone from a size 12 to a size 7!! The last time I was a size 7 was high school.  =)

I started this journey for many reasons----to lose weight prior to my big 30th birthday, to get healthy, to gain confidence, but most importantly to be an example for my daughter. I wanted to start living a healthy lifestyle, making fitness a priority in hopes that she would
follow my lead.

come over here and read about my journey.
I still struggle with eating clean - mostly on the weekends.
If you have any helpful advise or tips, please share!

Happy Friday!!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glow N Dark skating

Summer was a whirlwind and we have jumped back into our fall schedules and routines. Jeremy & I are constantly on the move - taking the kids to school, flute lessons, football games, cheer practices, friend's houses etc.
 It has been a challenage keeping track of everyone's daily activities. Adrianna started carpooling with Brittney this year which has been very helpful.
Not to mention it’s great for the environment!

Andrew is loving his new school and has
made lots of new friends. He was invited to 2 birthday parties this week and has another on Sunday! I love that my kids are active and wouldn't change it for anything but sometimes it is hard to keep up with them

 One of the parties was at the local skating rink.
 I was not looking forward to this party at all. I figured Andrew would cling to the wall and I would be nervous the entire time over the thought of him being hurt - I didn't realize my little boy could skate!!

As soon as, he had his skates on, he just rolled off!
I wish someone would have captured my facial expression
He even asked the lady to tighten his wheels!! 
 It's amazing what kids learn at daycamps.
Glow N Dark Skating


Saturday, September 8, 2012


We {heart} our APACHES!
The boys are starting off to a great season
had some bad luck with the weather not wanting to cooperate but hasn't let that get them down.. 

Pottsville Apaches beat the Heber Springs Panthers 22-16

~AND they have the cutest cheerleaders ever~

Peace Love &