Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Football Season 2015

Andrew was drafted to play for the Razorbacks this year. 
He is definitely my athletic child and plays with heart.
I am amazed at how much he has improved from last year.
He makes touchdowns & is a beast on defense.

He may be the smallest on the team, but
 compensates in speed.

One of the moms captured this picture 

of his 80 yard touchdown. 

He was on the same team as his cousin Eli.
Watch out world - these two are going to be awesome!

Adrianna spends every Friday night on the football field cheering on the Apaches. She is indecisive if she will do flag next year. I know it's her decision, but I hope she does. 
I love watching these girls!

Pom Squad

I had to post these pictures. 
They were totally busted. This captures them very well.
Always taking selfies and acting silly!!
Poor Mr. Ray! :)