Thursday, October 31, 2013


Mr. Wells wanted to be extra SCARY this year.
He didn't want to go treat or treating, he insisted on staying home and scaring little kids!

SO that is exactly what we did.
Jeremy went to the store and bought a ton of candy while we got ready. Adrianna was suppose to dress up with him but she had to cheer at a football game. We had our outside halloween lights on with scary halloween music playing on pandora. He even succeeded in scaring a
few kids which made him one happy little boy!



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Ride

Grandpa Gary and Grandma Pam took us on quite an adventure. We went on a 70 mile train ride from Van Buren to Winslow. The scenery was beautiful and would be more so now that the leaves are starting to change colors. The tracks took us through a quarter mile {DARK} tunnel and over a series of trestles overlooking the rugged forestland.

 beautiful countryside views from our window

I snapped this picture as we rode over the first trestle.
Do you see how high we were over the light pole?!?!
This was scary - Especially if you have a fear of heights!
 One happy boy

After the train ride, we walked downtown to get some hot chocolate and check out the shops. It was the perfect place for pictures.

I cherish my family time!
If you are looking for something fun and unique - this is the place.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

America is closed...

Well it happened..government shutdown. My husband was given the unwelcomed task of closing down Bona Dea Trails and 10 other Corps parks. He had to tell the campers that were on vacation to pack-up and go home. After all the parks were cleared out and locked up, he was furloughed until further notice.

It's sad what is happening, all I can do is pray for our country.