Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hawaii ♥

We are local cuisine foodies & this was one of our favorites places on the island. We looked forward to brunch every morning. It was magical like having a tea party. The windows and doors were open so it was breezy & colorful birds would fly inside to steal leftovers.


Hawaii is our happy place!
We're still trying to figure out how we can live here permanently. 

I am so blessed to work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
My amazing co-workers know how to work hard & play hard. We definitely worked hard to win this trip and sold a lot of Microsoft. While I spent most of the trip with my family... I did get a day with these peeps.

We went out on a 4 hour private catamaran snorkel. 

 We did some whale-watching, swam with giant sea turtles, seen lots of colorful fish and beautiful coral reef. My 
first time on a catamaran!


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